Hanse 545

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Showcases a comfortable cruising yacht that still has plenty of performance

Cameron Dueck
Reviewed Oct 2016
All of the sailing action aboard the 545 takes place at the very stern, which is handy for the guests, but a bit cramped for those doing the work. There are only two winches aboard the boat, both of which are electric. This works with the self-tacking jib and all sails on furlers, but it leaves precious few options to sailors that want to play with the sail plan a bit. And it means that sheets must be clutched when not actively being trimmed. Anyone who wants to sail the 545 in a more serious way, whether on long cruises or weekend races, will want to add more winches.

That idea of leaving the crew work to a very few the very back of the boat continues with the electronic displays, which cannot be seen from the cockpit. They are small for a yacht of this size, and their placement, on the cockpit cowling next to the winches, means they’re often covered by sheets...
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