Hanse 455

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proving to be one of the big winners of 2015

Sam Jefferson
Reviewed Sep 2016
A few years ago, a 35-footer was about the standard size for a cruising yacht – the happy medium that many of us aspired to. Times have changed, however, and I would venture to suggest that nowadays that measure of the average-sized yacht we aspire to own is closer to 45ft...
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The Hanse 455 is a sailing machine

Mark Pillsbury
Reviewed Sep 2016
German boatbuilder Hanse Yachts has added some serious pizazz to the middle of its range with the Judel/Vrolijk-designed 455. Just like its siblings, the new 45-footer looks sharp, sails like a dream and is big for her size. Down below, a thoroughly modern interior is as comfortable as it is functional, and topsides, there’s lots of space on deck and in the cockpit to relax and ­enjoy the ride — a darned good combination, I quickly concluded, on a blustery, picture-perfect fall afternoon out on Massachusetts’ Buzzards Bay...
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Modern cruiser with an efficient sail plan

Kevin Green
Reviewed Sep 2016
The Hanse 455 is a thoroughly modern cruiser with an efficient sail plan, semi-custom interior and voluminous hull that will appeal to both weekend sailors and coastal adventurers alike.

Replacing the Hanse 445, the new Hanse 455 has a newly designed Judel/Vrolijk hull which includes carbon reinforcing and a deck that proved user-friendly when I sailed it. The angular look that packages these high-volume German sailing yachts into shapely sailing boats continues on the Hanse 455. So too does the Hanse yachts signature low-profile topside silhouette, with its clean decks that has all lines in gutters...
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Hanse 455: wolf in sheep's clothing?

Phil Ross
Reviewed Sep 2016
On the outside you look and think, yes it is a Hanse. But in a lot of ways this is quite a different beast to previous Hanses.

From the design table of Judel/Vrolijk the hull is shaped to provide more performance. In the quiet day we took it for a spin I was indeed impressed with its light wind speeds; in only 4.5 knots of breeze we could point under 30° and still do 4.5kts...
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