Hanse 415

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Not only will this boat be very comfortable at the anchorage, she can get there quickly too

Jon N. Jones
Reviewed Sep 2016
Down below, the Hanse 415 does not disappoint. Straight lines and 90 degree angles on the interior cabinetry gives the perception of more space and makes the boat feel more home-y, and less boat-y. Interior woods come in a variety of types and shades. The model I saw was outfitted in American cherry. Interior doors were substantial including hardware more like what you find in a home than on the typical boat.

As nice as it was below, I came out to sail the boat. On our test sail, we had steady 10-12 knot winds from the SSE and calm seas. We motored easily past the Kemah boardwalk with the boat’s Volvo-saildrive and two-blade folding propeller. Steering was easy, two fingers being more than enough to steer the boat under engine...
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German Precision Meets Effortless Sailing

Suzana Prochazka
Reviewed Sep 2016
Like the rest of the 5 series line, the Hanse 415, with her plumb bow and low cabintop, looks serious and fast – think BMW. The styling even has a slightly predatory look, and reminds you of a shark on the prowl. The waterline was extended two feet over her predecessor, the popular Hanse 400, and is over three feet longer than the next model down, the Hanse 385. Since the sail plan was kept the same, it suggests that the 415 should be a tiny bit faster. She’s also a foot wider than the 400, which provides more room in the interior, perhaps a ten percent increase...
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Fast and furious fun

David Liscio
Reviewed Sep 2016
Alate summer wind was blowing 17 knots and gusting to 26 across Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay, but the Hanse 415 stood tall and happily surfed the cresting waves. We tested the German-built Hanse 415 on a warm September day immediately following the annual Newport Boat Show in Rhode Island. It was a chance to give this thoroughbred a good workout, and we found this new performance cruiser was a real winner...
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If it ain't broke, why fix it...

Allan Whiting
Reviewed Sep 2016
After evaluating the new Hanse 385 against the outgoing 370, we were prepared for much the same exercise in the 415 vs 400 comparison, but that's not how it worked out. Sure, the 415 has a new-generation interior and deck layout that comfortably outclasses the 400's arrangement, but the 415 doesn't exhibit the rig changes that the 385 has. When we pitted the 385 against the 370, we noticed the more powerful fore-triangle in the new boat, but the 415's rig dimensions are almost identical to the 400's. If it ain't broke, why fix it…
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Expressly designed to make you feel good out on the water

Bill Springer
Reviewed Sep 2016
The Hanse 415 is superficially like a lot of new production cruising boats in the 40-foot range. It has a plumb bow, generous beam carried well aft, a comfortable cockpit, dual helms and a walk-through transom leading to a drop-down swim step. Like many new cruising boats today, it’s also designed to be fast and easy to handle. But as I found out during a test sail on Narragansett Bay last fall, not all 40-foot “performance cruisers” are created equal.

The Hanse 415’s hull is built of solid fiberglass below the waterline, cored with end-grain balsa above the waterline and reinforced with a solid fiberglass grid...
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