Hanse 385

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Crisp design, pragmatic functionality, understated aesthetics

Lawrence Shaffler
Reviewed Sep 2016
The best way to appreciate the 385’s single-handed control is from the command centre. There are twin helms so you have a choice of seating, either windward or leeward. Both offer clean sight lines to the jib’s tell tales, but leeward provides a comfy backrest. Sailing bliss.

All halyards and sheets (four per side) lead back through jammers to primary winches at the helms. They’re hidden in recessed, covered channels in the coach roof so there’s a clean, uncluttered sense of space on the boat’s decks...
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By No Means a Nimitz

Kurt Hoehne
Reviewed Sep 2016
The really remarkable thing about the test sail was the boat’s simplicity and ease. The powered winch made raising the main a push-button exercise and gave me the chance to tease Eric some more. Dropping the main into the lazy jacks and built-in cover was just as simple. The jib sheet is led to a block on a curved athwartships track and then high into the mast. From there it’s led thorough a covered channel back to the primary winch. This elegant system keeps the cockpit clean and puts control of the jib sheet (and mainsheet and basically everything) in the hands of the helmsman...
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A sparkling performer under sail

Duncan Kent
Reviewed Sep 2016
Hanse Yachts builds performance-oriented yachts at affordable prices, all designed by Judel and Vrolijk. Hanse’s current sailboat range incorporates a great many practical innovations suggested by previous owners, and the 385 is a very different boat from its predecessor, the 375. More akin to the Hanse 445, 495 and 545, the Hanse 385 boasts twin helms and a drop-down stern platform. She also has improved sailing performance and a sleek, clutter-free deck with flush hatches and hidden control lines.

As with all new Hanses, the 385’s hull is laid up by hand and heavily reinforced by bonding a composite sub-frame to the hull...
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A faster, more-balanced boat than its predecessor

Allan Whiting
Reviewed Sep 2016
Hanse has established itself in a relatively short timeframe as a brand that virtually all purchasers of cruising yachts or cruiser/racers must consider. Hanse's yachts are well-known now for their excellent value-for-money, ease of handling and good resale values.

The German boatbuilder exploited the concept of a yacht with a self-tacking headsail that was easy to cruise...
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