Hanse 315

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Packing a lot into a small space

Toby Hodges
Reviewed Sep 2016
Many of the best features of the 315 stem directly from her hull shape. Judel Vrolijk has given her a modern performance profile that closely resembles that of her sister brand Dehler. Benefits from this shape are felt in the cockpit space and generous volume aft. Broad aft beam creates the option of twin wheels – she’s the smallest production yacht to have this...
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Entry-level cruiser offers plenty of thrills for sailing novices and experts alike

Sam Jefferson
Reviewed Sep 2016
Entry-level cruisers are never going to be luxurious affairs, but the Hanse 315 was light and comfortable with good headroom. She looks very smart, but what impressed me most was the performance in testing conditions...
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A small but mighty cruiser

Zuzana Prochazka
Reviewed Sep 2016
The baby of the Hanse 5 series, the 315, looks surprisingly serious at the dock. She’s got an almost predatory look, even compared to any 50-footers that might be in the area—which seems funny until she gets out on the water and kicks some booty. Between her easy-sailing rig that cuts down on tacking drama and her excellent balance, this boat seems to say, “Step aside Google, Tesla and GM with your self-driving cars, I’m a self-driving boat...
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