Haines Signature 602F

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Is this the year of the hard top?

Rick Huckstepp
Reviewed Sep 2016
Hard top boats until recently were the realm of the seven metre plus trailer boat which inevitably wound the scales off the clock at the weighbridge as they were often well over three tonnes and outside of the towing capacity of most vehicles.

So the arrival of the 602F Enclosed Hard Top turned more than a few heads when it made its recent debut...
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Mobs of fishing space in the cockpit

Shane Mensforth
Reviewed Oct 2016
There’s no doubt this is a very user friendly and comfortable boat to operate. Top speed over calm water with the 150 E-Tec was around 38 knots (70km/h), and the most economical cruise was achieved at 4100rpm and 24 knots (45km/h). You could expect that economy to dip a bit when it’s choppy offshore, but the comfort provided by the Signature hull under adverse conditions would more than compensate.

Things were pretty calm out on St Vincent’s Gulf for the morning of our late autumn test run – something of a novelty in the light of consistent strong winds and rough seas leading into winter. There was a bit of a north-westerly roll left over from a recently departed cold front, but not enough to get the big Signature up and working as its Variable Deadrise hull was intended...
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