Haines Hunter 760R Limited

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If you're looking for a serious offshore fishing boat...

Geoff Middleton
Reviewed Oct 2016
There is an old saying in boating -- if it looks like it’ll go well, it probably will. And that certainly applies to the Haines Hunter 760R Limited. This a damn good-looking boat and it has the performance and handling to match.

Obviously, with 450 ponies hanging off the back it’s not going to be a slouch. But the acceleration of this boat has to be experienced to be believed! John jammed down the throttles and we rocketed out of the hole and up to around 50 km/h in no time. We cruised along at 3300 rpm doing 52km/h and burning 50 litres per hour. It was a really comfortable cruise with the engine noise hardly audible. We were able to chat with no problem at all...
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The ultimate trailerboat?

Kevin Smith
Reviewed Oct 2016
Trailerboats of this nature are quite something and don’t come cheap but let’s face it, Haines Hunter is a legendary boat brand throughout Australia.

The $215,000 as-tested price might seem a bit steep to some, but you need to consider that the Haines Hunter 760 R Limited Edition has an overall length of 8.2m (26.9ft), has big dollars’ worth of outboard motors and engine management systems, as well as expensive electronics, quality long-lasting materials used throughout and a wad of extra accessories.

It’s definitely a dream upgrade type of boat – but don’t forget to add the vehicle upgrade as well if you don’t have one that can legally tow 3.4t – or as an ideal step down from larger and more expensive boats. If you were downgrading to a Haines Hunter 760R Limited Edition, your running costs would be far less than million-dollar boats, with the benefit that a 760R can still be towed around the country...
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