Haines Hunter 600R Limited

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It has been thoroughly thought out

Mike Brown
Reviewed Oct 2016
The 600R is rated up to 230hp, which is considerable for a hull weight of 1150kg, the 150 Honda on our boat being closer to the norm for a 20-footer. It was also better than adequate, delivering a top speed well up in the 30s. This means a cruising speed of pretty well whatever you want with reserve power for heavily laden days. Hydraulic steering is standard, and having once tried it no one would want to go back to cables.

With the clears in place access forward via the narrow side decks is difficult – there is a lack of secure hand holds, which is true of most soft tops. Fortunately the clear, flush fore hatch is in the right place for a standing person to handle ropes or anchor. The cable locker lid is flush too, typical of the developed state of the boat’s mouldings: nothing on board seems an afterthought...
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