Haines Hunter 585R Limited

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Answers the call for a sub-$80K Haines Hunter with serious rough-water performance.

David Lockwood
Reviewed Oct 2016
I’d take a 580 over a 560 any day, yet the 560R is outselling this boat because it’s a newer model and about $15k less. At the other end of the spectrum, the big Haines Hunter Hardtops like the 675HT are proving hot property thanks to hardcore anglers wanting more waterline and grunt.

Sales of the 585R have slowed because of the buzz around these newer models. But with this excellent package you get the timeless traits of a very manageable Haines Hunter, both in terms of one-man launching, parking and operating and the running costs...
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Proving very popular with keen fishos across the country

Mark Ward
Reviewed Oct 2016
Fishability has always been unquestioned with Haines Hunters and some huge improvements have been made with the new 585R. The back deck space is huge for a boat of its size and the high gunwale and upholstered bolsters give plenty of balance in a rolling sea, and provide safety for the kids when fishing inshore. Options are available to customise the vessel to the style of fishing potential owners prefer. These options include the aforementioned targa top, bait board and even aftermarket outriggers if required. The standard Haines Hunter 585R Breeze has the ride, good deck space and safety features to make for an ideal fishing platform - customising it further to suit your exact fishing style should just add to the fun...
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