Haines Hunter 565R

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The ride is exceptional in all situations

Dom Wiseman
Reviewed Oct 2016
This hull, like the 565 Offshore, is a beauty but if I was to choose, I’d say the 565R rides a through the chop effortlessly and handled the offshore conditions well. The landings were smooth and predictable and stability at rest was excellent, crucial for fishing. The hull is capable in all conditions and is well suited to inshore and offshore applications. Spray is deflected down and away from the boat courtesy of the running strakes and reverse chine that runs the full length of the hull. After years of experience they have perfectly moulded the entry point that cuts through water yet maintains a comfortable on water persona.

At speed the hull also responds well to driver input and beds into a turn maintaining a comfortable angle at all times. The steering input is precise and has no lag, making sure the boat turns when and how it should...
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Best-in-class brilliant ride

David Lockwood
Reviewed Oct 2016
I’d take a 580 over a 560 any day, yet the 560R is outselling this boat because it’s a newer model and about $15k less. At the other end of the spectrum, the big Haines Hunter Hardtops like the 675HT are proving hot property thanks to hardcore anglers wanting more waterline and grunt.

Sales of the 585R have slowed because of the buzz around these newer models. But with this excellent package you get the timeless traits of a very manageable Haines Hunter, both in terms of one-man launching, parking and operating and the running costs...
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Pleasantly surprised at the willing acceleration

John Ford
Reviewed Oct 2016
Many of the design features of the 565R came out of the research team asking customers and fisherman what they wanted in a boat. The result is the all-new 565 hull, conceived as an all-rounder that’s easy to tow, launch and quick to wash down. It went without saying that it would follow the traditional Haines Hunter formula of being bulletproof, with impeccable manners at sea and enough room in the cockpit for a decent-size crew to fish in comfort.

In reintroducing the 565 badge Haines Hunter knew it had big expectations to meet. That late ’80s hull carries legendary status as a hard-charging and soft-riding sea boat. Haber told me the new hull is a significant improvement over the original boat, with a softer, dryer ride and better stability at rest. He added that improvements in gelcoats, resins and mat technology mean a modern hull is stronger, stiffer and longer-lasting...
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