Haines Hunter 565 Offshore

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A capable platform at a competitive price

Dom Wiseman
Reviewed Oct 2016
There is literally nothing bad to say about this hull. It slices through chop thanks to the deep vee at entry and glides along, almost as if you are floating on a cloud. Heading over chop and swell, the boat rises as you would expect and then lands softly on the other side. It is a capable performer in all conditions and will more than excel in the rougher stuff which is why I would seriously consider

Haines Hunter 565 Offshore one of these if I was looking for a capable inshore/offshore package.

Combine this fine entry point with just the right angle far back into the hull to turn water down and away from the boat before it transfers into a wide beamy and inherently stable flatter bottomed design at the rear. The wide beam creates a large area at the rear that is supremely stable in the water at rest and underway.
 At speed the hull is responsive and turns on a dime if required. The steering input is precise and has no lag, making sure the boat turns when and how it should. In corners the boat beds into the turn predictably and delivers a smooth curve throughout.
 The helm and passenger positions allow all round view and are both comfortable either standing or seated...
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