Haines Hunter 560 Classic Offshore

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A Classic In The Making

Mick Fletoridis
Reviewed Oct 2016
The boat was pleasurable to drive, feeling surefooted and responsive to driver input while unfazed by the short chop we encountered near the Hawkesbury’s mouth. Throwing tight turns at speed highlights the value of a deep vee hull, one that stayed impressively dry despite a building nor-easter. Non-feedback cable steering was the standard fit and worked ok, albeit a little on the stiff side at low speed. Things lighten up once underway, but I think a boat of this calibre deserves hydraulic steering. A Tinka dual-axle load share trailer rounds out a very impressive sportfishing package...
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Caters for those advanced fishing requirements with a few of the little luxuries you have come to expect from Haines Hunter

Stephen Booth
Reviewed Oct 2016
What a great boat. I really enjoyed playing around in this boat and actually wished I had the chance to get some salt underneath it and see how it went in some swell. Even a reasonably novice skipper will be able to hone their skills with this rig and, as packaged up by Boats and More, is a really affordable, well thought out and easy to use package.

If you want some comfortable saltwater fishing from snapper in the bays, to drifting some deep reefs and sandy patches or trolling for your first or next tuna, this is one package you’ll need to put on your ‘must-test’ list...
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Has Haines Hunter reached the pinnacle of trailerboat design and construction?

John Willis
Reviewed Oct 2016
Moving forward, the helm is simple but effective. There's room for a 12in sounder if you so choose, and the angle is directly in your face for optimum visibility without the glare. There's a glovebox for secure storage and the helm is finished with a very nice sports steering wheel. Our test boat hadn't been fitted with hydraulic steering, as per its purchaser's request. It was a little stiff at low revs but it performed well when on the plane. I've driven the same package with the hydraulic steering option and I highly recommend it.

The driving position is high and comfortable with a well-laid-out instrument cluster. Visibility whilst seated is a little obscured by the high dashboard and windscreen frame, but it's still quite acceptable. That said, the high-mount helm affords excellent all-round vision and you can lock yourself firmly against the helm seat should you prefer to stand...
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Should be on the shopping list if you're looking for a five-to-six metre boat

Geoff Middleton
Reviewed Oct 2016
If there is one thing immediately noticeable about this boat it is its smooth ride. Haines Hunter has really got this hull right. There is no banging over waves, not even the rippling sound of the water on the hull. The 21-degree deadrise takes care of the waves and the chines take care of the handling. Very impressive.

The hydraulic steering is light and direct, adding to the driving pleasure of this boat...
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