Haines Hunter 530

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Makes boating a breeze

Steve Morgan
Reviewed Oct 2016
Starting at the transom, the 530 is designed to be easy to use. The instant-starting 90hp Evinrude E-Tec on the test package is incredibly user friendly – it uses little oil, is virtually smoke-free and is backed by the increasingly-credible three-year/300-hour interval to the first dealer service.

Out of the water, the extra-long shaft engine looks a little weird as it’s fitted with the standard V6 gearbox and spins a propeller to match (in this case, a 14 3/4” x 17” Viper). In the water, you can tell that there’s probably a tad too much propeller the motor has to push and I reckon that a slightly smaller diameter would increase the responsiveness even more...
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