Four Winns Horizon H210

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Represents the confident look of classic sportboats

Steve Larivee  
Reviewed Oct 2016
The helm seat’s optional flip-up bolster is a terrific way for the driver – or different drivers with different dimensions and preferences - to adjust for the changing conditions of real-world boating. This is one of the places Four Winns distinguishes itself as a luxury brand with a vinyl top-stitched dash and other top-drawer materials. The vinyl color here is dark to reduce glare.Instruments on the dash give analog readouts on eight functions. In addition there is a standard depth sounder, and water temperature and air temperature gauge. All gauges are fog-resistant Faria instruments with polished raised bezels...
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If you reckon 18-footers have ceased to cut the mustard, it might be time you looked toward new horizons

David Lockwood  
Reviewed Oct 2016
On the water, I thought both the 210 and the 230 Horizon could do with a bit more in-trim. Legs in, the boats were riding not far past neutral or level trim. At times I would have liked to really button the bow down for low-speed planing into the wind waves - not to improve hole shot, but to eliminate that (brief) moment of lost vision as the bow jumps skywards.

Still, these were streets ahead of the little league. The 210 cruised contently anywhere from 38kmh at 2500rpm to 58.5kmh at 3500rpm. Top speed was 77kmh at 4600rpm spinning a 21in stainless prop. In circuit work, straight runs and bumpy water, the 21-footer felt pretty good. I liked it...
2 people found this helpful. Do you?Thank David Lockwood

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