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Farrier F22 fast bay racer with room for overnight.

Reviewed Feb 2018
Designed by Farrier, the F22 is a modern trimaran capable of fast day sailing on rivers and bays. The folding design, a farrier trademark, is easy to use making the 18 foot beam of the F22 road worthy. Over 150 plans were sold but now purchase of the F22 is nearly the only option for those wanting a new F22.

The F22 is a great boat on the water. Fast and efficient a 5hp outboard pushes easily to 7 knots. If you are looking for more thrills the F22R comes with a taller rig for experienced sailors and speeds of 14+ knots in 8 knots of true wind are easy to achieve. Some plan builders even chose to build in carbon for lighter weight so if you find one, they are seriously quick. They come in 2 cabin configurations with an optional rear cabin for one, most however are the long cabin version which has ample cockpit space for sailing. Typically the F22 can be sailed with 2 to 4 people and 6 in a pinch.

Our F22R was home built and is very light. In 8 knots true wind she makes 12 knots upwind and 15 downwind under a moderate kite. We have seen 19+ knots frequently and have had great times on her. Overnight she sleeps 4 in comfort and is not bad but the space is limited as you may expect from a 22 footer.
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