Fairline Squadron 60

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A new 60-footer that ticks a lot of boxes for buyers moving into the realm of crewed yachts

Dag Pike
Reviewed Oct 2016
The speed potential will be good for most owners. These days, the focus tends towards comfortable cruising rather than out-and-out performance. The hull has a 15-degree deadrise, which is unusual for a cruising yacht of this size and as always with a Fairline, the hull shape has been designed to ensure that the 60 performs well at sea. The ride in waves gives you confidence with limited pitching, yet the boat heels into turns in a satisfying way. There is a considerable change in trim as the boat comes onto the plane, with the performance lively but well controlled and this is an exciting boat to drive, unusual for what is basically a cruising yacht. Deck-head handrails are a good feature to match this lively performance but it is a pity that they have used square section handrails in some areas, which are not particularly comfortable to use...
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Has a lot of clever new ideas

Mike Brown
Reviewed Sep 2016
The flybridge is the most important outdoor area on board and has a similar deck area to the saloon. Similar functions too: driving seats forward, lounges and table aft; also a scattering of sun lounges and wet bar.

The foredeck is also a useable spot, reached via side decks of just about the right width. More likely to be inhabited at anchor, it offers another conversation spot and sun beds with uninterrupted UV...
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