Fairline Squadron 58

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Delivers all the luxury a serious cruising couple could wish for

David Lockwood
Reviewed Sep 2016
The 58 is a lovely boat for a couple, yet spacious enough to invite the family or guests aboard without comprising your privacy.

The boat isn't a handful to berth, and has the waterline length to be comfortable at sea without lumping the owner with ridiculous running costs. The boat cruises at mid-20kt while consuming about 150lt/h. Do the same thing in the Squadron 74 flagship and you will use 400lt/h...
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I freely admit this is well beyond me, but I can see a lot of value for money

Mike Brown
Reviewed Sep 2016
Unlike with many large imported boats, all of the 58’s deck area is easily reached and designed to be used. And adding to that open space is a huge flybridge that is almost as large as foredeck and cockpit combined. At its forward end a driving console with twin seats has sun beds on three sides; minus the sun they make excellent day lounges. Aft there are seats for eight or nine around a table placed in happy association with a wet bar...
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