Dufour 560 Grand Large

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Performance and comfort combine to create a cruiser that will be happy at sea or anchor

Andrew Cross
Reviewed Sep 2016
The spinnaker had just filled and was getting trimmed when someone hollered, “Heat it up!” I obliged from the windward helm and then watched our boatspeed jump while I brought us closer to the wind—three and a half knots quickly became five, then seven, then eight.

This was our second spinnaker set of the day and the evening breeze was filling in nicely on the Pacific Ocean off Venice Beach, California...
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Couldn’t be easier or more fun to sail

Zuzana Prochazka
Reviewed Sep 2016
French sailboat builder Dufour wasted no time displacing its Grand Large 500 as the line’s flagship. Indeed, as if to underscore its dedication to innovation, the company rolled out the new Grand Large 560 just a year later. Although not radically different from her smaller sibling, the GL 560 has taken the same groundbreaking details of the 500 and improved on them in several ways. Most notable, however, is the simple fact that, despite her size, the GL 560 couldn’t be easier or more fun to sail.

The construction of the GL 560 consists of a hand-laminated and vacuum bonded polyester/foam core sandwich hull...
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