Dufour 36 Performance

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A satisfyingly balanced yacht to sail

Anthony Twibill
Reviewed Sep 2016
As a smaller, less powerful boat than the mainstream 40-something footers that comprise much of the C/R fleets racing out there, I was most impressed by the smaller boat’s all round boat speeds, coupled with a wonderfully light, always balanced feel and feedback coming through the helm in all aspects of sailing the 36E, whether upwind or down. The lines of the new model are still characteristically Dufour, however this new design signals a more contemporary styling with tighter, more angular, modern lines focused on maximising the waterline for the 36-footer, and carrying beam way aft with a beamy deck plan...
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The new racer-cruiser from France is a winner in both categories

Blue Water Sailing
Reviewed Sep 2016
The twin wheels, which are mounted on diagonal pedestals, are fairly far outboard, so you have an excellent view ahead and of the headsail from both the leeward and windward sides. The fractional, slightly overlapping jib trims inside the sidestays, which allows for tight sheeting angles and very close-hauled sailing.

The cockpit has the main traveler running across the sole just forward of the wheels...
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Making use of knowledge gained from their previous designs

Toby Heppell
Reviewed Sep 2016
The hull isn’t extreme with a balance between form and ballast stability. The lines run smoothly aft from the plumb bow; the small chines aft just give a dash of sharpness as well as power when reaching and the topsides are broken up by a mid stripe that encompasses a portlight bringing additional light into the saloon...
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Bursting with performance potential

Michael Good
Reviewed Sep 2016
From hero to zero. Performance-oriented designs have a short shelf life as new trends replace existing ones in ever shorter cycles, driven by progress in design and construction for state-of-the-art racing yachts. These days, what counts is performance more than aesthetics or comfort; hence the lines of production yachts follow the design lead of performance boats.

Prime examples are wide sterns and trendy hard chines, which were first developed for offshore racers, but have now been adopted even for pure cruising boats by many builders. In addition to performance, the new designs also add space and comfort below, no doubt a pleasant side effect...
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