Dehler 46

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She just does what she has been designed to do extremely well

Emma Bamford  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Needless to say, I was impressed with the Dehler 46. As a performance cruiser, she ticks all the boxes. She’s good-looking, well-mannered, easy to handle and, most importantly, blisteringly quick. The standard of finish was very high and the interior was comfortable, roomy and well thought out, if a little stark for my taste...
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Performance cruising yachts don’t get much better

Sam Jefferson  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Setting out on the Dehler 46 is pure simplicity for a cruising couple or short-handed crew, or conceivably just one, as the boat can be set up for solo operation. Although a relatively large yacht, the D46 comes with a plethora of options designed to simplify the whole sailing process – from the fingertip ease of electrically-powered winches for operating both primaries on the German mainsheet system, as well as a cabin-top mounted mainsail halyard winch (remote operated from the helm), to an electric drop-down bowthruster to aid docking, and a self-tacking jib track for when in cruise mode – everything on the boat is set up to make sailing a relative breeze...
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As close as you can get to having a viable mix of performance and comfort without really compromising either

Charles Doane  
Reviewed Oct 2016
The Dehler 46’s sleek lines are enhanced by a pair of long, sloping side ports that increase the boat’s perceived overall length. As a practical matter, the ports not only open outward, but have an extended exterior Lexan cover that helps keep water out when the ports are open and creates a continuous “eyebrow” visible from the outside. All deck hatches are flush, and the cockpit coamings ramp down nicely to the deck as they run forward.

The jib tracks are well inboard, which keeps sheeting angles tight, and the chainplates are outboard with a cosmetic cover plate that allows access once removed. All the way forward, the deck is clear. An optional composite sprit is available if you want to fly an asymmetrical. Halyards and reefing lines all lead aft in under-deck conduits to Spinlock rope clutches and a pair of Lewmar winches on the cabintop...
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