Dehler 34

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Sporty little number

Chris Beeson
Yachting Monthly  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Dehler was an almost unknown marque in this country until the Dehler Db1 stormed the racing circuits, selling well over 100 in a short time. Seventeen of these came to Britain, so when the cruiser-racer version, the Dehler 34s, was imported in the early 1980s, she caused a lot of interest...
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If you find yourself test sailing the boat you may end up writing a check

John Kretschmer  
Reviewed Sep 2016
The in-house design team has created a low-profile hull with a long waterline, an efficient underbody and an easily handled fractional rig. It also has a bit of deck camber and the soft trunkhouse lines that are Dehler distinctions and keep its boats from appearing extreme. Company literature describes the boat as a family yacht that can win races. Papanek and Goldstein translate that into "performance cruiser," and with the knot meter kissing 7 knots as we accelerated past the breakwall on a close reach, I found no reason to disagree with them...
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Stands out in an increasingly crowded market for cruiser-racers of this size

Toby Heppell  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Our test took place in a wind varying from 7-14 knots true, sailing with five crew and the Code 2 headsail. The 34RS proved to be light and responsive on the helm at all times, with just a touch of weather helm when close-hauled in the lighter airs, building to a maximum of less than a quarter of a turn in the stronger puffs. The powerful backstay requires lots of rope to be pulled through, but it makes a big difference, with speed building noticeably as it’s hardened on...
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