Catalina 355

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There is a great emphasis on ergonomics

Charles Doane  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Though not quite as attractive as the 445 or as roomy, the 355 packs an awful lot into a smaller package and is just as well designed. There’s enough room for a family or a pair of couples to live aboard for an extended period, and the boat is set up to sail well. Cockpit ergonomics are superb, and functionality generally is very good. Construction and finish are well above average for a mass-production boat...
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Good systems and details from the Catalina 445 work just as well in a smaller sister

Suzana Prochazka  
Reviewed Oct 2016
On deck, the Catalina 355 is all about performance, safety, and ease of use. A removable spinnaker bowsprit forward can be stored in the anchor locker. An aluminum toerail provides options for securing additional hardware and blocks, and the 28” stanchions are higher than on other comparably sized boats.

Catalina is known for their cockpit comfort and the 355 is no disappointment. Angled benches, an insulated folding table, and stern rail seats are standard. The walk-through transom leads to an ample swim step that makes boarding easy. The aft storage locker is in addition to the very large, portside lazarette with gullwing access...
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The helm was light, and quite well balanced

John Kretschmer  
Reviewed Oct 2016
The 355 is part of Catalina's Cruiser Series, which also includes the 309, 320 and 375. Catalina Yachts recognizes that in order to succeed their boats not only have to perform well, be comfortable and user-friendly, they also have to be exceptional values. With a price at about $170,000, which includes sails and basic electronics, the 355 fits that bill to a T...
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Cruising World's 2011 Domestic Boat of the Year

Tim Murphy  
Reviewed Oct 2016
The construction of the 355 is consistent with other recent Catalinas: hand-laid fiberglass with vinylester resin and isophthalic gelcoat in the hull; in the deck, fiberglass and polyester resin around a balsa core. Structurally, the boat is composed of five major parts: hull, deck, structural grid, interior liner, and deck liner. The key here is that all structural loads are taken directly to the structural grid and, ultimately, the hull; the furniture throughout the interior is completely isolated from the dynamic loads delivered by the rig and keel while under way...
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A great example of the “new” Catalina fleet for the new age of sailing and cruising

Blue Water Sailing  
Reviewed Oct 2016
The byword of the current economy has become “innovation.” Those who have failed to adapt are struggling and those who have used this era to redefine their product lines and services are finding that customers are still eager to buy and sail new boats.The new Catalina 355, following in the wake of the brand-shifting 445, is just such an innovation. The boat brings all of the essential quality and style that has made Catalina an American favorite and updates it with new, sleeker lines; finer, more sculpted moldings—particularly around the cockpit; and a creative rethink of interior spaces...
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