Caribbean C27 Open Runabout

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From a cruising and sportsboat perspective, she’s a ripper

John Willis  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Sportsboats are usually long, sleek and narrow gutted, but I put the Caribbean 27 Runabout in the same stable due to its stallion-like performance. The new 4.5s had the big runabout bolting out of the gates with impressive holeshot. It transmitted the grunt impressively through the high-performance Bravo 1 sterndrives and 19in Black Max propellers with no hesitation; this thoroughbred wanted to run.

Port Phillip Bay turned on its usual conditions, with just under a metre of steep chop trying to slow us down – it didn’t! I tickled the reigns and she immediately galloped up to a speedy 23.7kts at 3200rpm punching directly into a head sea with five of us on board. The telltale as to how good the ride was is that we all remained comfortably seated. She didn’t buck at all as we rose to the plane and visibility remained almost constant throughout the whole event with the helm looking straight ahead through the big, strong safety glass windscreen that has always been a Caribbean trademark...
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