Caribbean 420 Express

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A smart and versatile luxury boat with a modern and very attractive interior

John Ford  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Powering the 420 are twin 500hp Cummins QSC diesels. These new-generation turbocharged common-rail engines pack a punch while delivering efficient fuel economy. Performance was impressive, and with 600kg less weight should be slightly improved over the 40 Flybridge. We achieved a top-end of 32kts and a comfortable cruise of 25kts just over 2100rpm.

Handling is predictably smooth and the ride from this 12 ton vessel was soft and shudder-free over some substantial harbour chop. At 18kts, the engines should use 71lt/h, for a range near 450nm (with 10 per cent reserve) from the 2000lt tank, putting the boat in the serious coastal cruising ranks. Anywhere through the range to the mid- 20kts, the 420 feels like it will run all day without a breath and that’s where the pedigree of the Caribbean shines through...
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Offers plenty of room, exceptional stability and a power system that provides both speed and economy

Shane Mensforth  
Reviewed Oct 2016
As soon as you climb aboard the 420 Express, you’ll notice how stylish and how well it is finished. Interior joinery work is first class and it’s quite obvious that plenty of thought has gone into the layout. This is the first boat in what Caribbean calls its SUV range, and I guess the ‘Sports Utility’ tag sums things up nicely.

Immediately noticeable at the stern is an over-sized swim platform/marlin board, which is great for families who enjoy swimming, snorkeling or diving, but maybe not so well suited to serious game fishing. I’m not sure if you can order this model with a less obtrusive aft platform, but I’d be looking into it to facilitate fishing over the back...
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