Caribbean 40 Mk II

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If it’s a Caribbean, it has to be good. And true to the marque, the Caribbean 40 Mk II validates the lineage

Jeff Strang  
Reviewed Oct 2016
In value-for-money terms this is a boat that seriously rattles the cage of the more exclusive stables. Indeed there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to back-up claims that "realising value" is a key factor in the decision process of many who have invested in this brand, which is why I think the headline The Smart Money is so appropriate.

The few subtle improvements in the Mk II are all spot-on, but it's good to see Caribbean has stuck to its guns and done what it is famous for - building excellent boats the market loves, with quality engineering and class-leading sea-handling on rock-solid hulls. For these reasons I'm happy to say the Caribbean 40 Mk II remains a known quantity that should inspire confidence in those new to the brand...
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