Brig Navigator 700

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Brig is the biggest seller of rigid inflatable boats in the world and for a very good reason

Steve Lague  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Once the realm of police and rescue services, inflatable boats have become part of boating’s mainstream and you don’t have to spend long behind the wheel of the Brig 700 to understand why. Yes, it is an extremely practical and versatile boat, but it is the power and performance of these vehicles that excites prospective buyers most. While the conditions on the test day were well short of horrendous, there was enough chop to provide a solid test of its performance. At full revs it did start to get a little skittish as it bounced from one tube to the other. But as soon as the accelerator was pulled back just a fraction it settled down immediately and handled the conditions with aplomb. Even pushing it into hard turns at 30-35knots it gripped beautifully. In straight line driving the sharp entry carved its way through the chop and swell like a knife while the big tubes kept it flat and stable. There was no other way to describe the test drive other than fun...
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