Brig Eagle 780

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A beautiful looking boat that is well finished, extremely versatile and handles rough conditions extraordinarily well

Steve Lague  
Reviewed Oct 2016
After fully testing this engine the big Eagle certainly did not feel overpowered, though that may also be testament to Brig’s high-performance hull and the big pontoons that keep it dry and stable.

The Brig tested by BoatAdvice was the smaller 700 Navigator which had a real sporty feel with throw you back in your seat acceleration. In comparison the 780 Eagle was like driving a luxury limousine. Everything seemed more relaxed while the extra weight, and length, of the 780 meant it was not as easy to throw around. Whether we were plowing into, running with or going across the swell the boat sat nice and flat. It is one of the few “smaller” boats where I felt more at ease sitting down to drive...
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