Boston Whaler 370 Outrage

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Most customers are using them to cruise to remote offshore locations or island getaways

Steve Larivee  
Reviewed Oct 2016
While the price may seem like a lot of money let me give you two things to consider-- Firstly, short of the living spaces, this boat has much the same fishing capabilities as an express fishboat or small convertible -- possibly even more so, given her shoal draft. And that low draft pays off when cruising as well, allowing the boat to go in many places that a larger boat could not venture. Secondly, because she is equipped with a diesel generator you can load this boat up with creature comforts such as A/C, a dive compressor, and much more, yet still not have the initial cost or operating expenses of a larger boat. Thirdly, she doesn't need crew. You and your family and friends are the crew, because of the standard bow thruster docking is easy even in a cross current...
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A much better boat and better fishing boat than first impressions indicated

Warren Steptoe  
Reviewed Oct 2016
With a flat non sip deck like the one in this boat though any disadvantage in this is negated by being highly mobile. If a fish dives under the boat and/or heads forward you don’t have to wait for the skipper to turn the boat, you can follow in a flash and keep everything under control.

Which is just as well; one thing the 370 Outrage does not do at all well is turn on the proverbial dime like a good twin inboard can. Even using the two outer Verados it’s slow to react and the bow thruster, while more than handy for docking etc, falls short of the kind of fast pivoting twin inboards do so well.

Personally, having fished much of my time offshore from centre consoles I’m happier moving forward to control fish than relying on the skipper, although most of my offshore fishing does involve the casting and standup light tackle stuff centre consoles are so good at. If there’s one kind of fishing where this boat compares unfavourably against a twin inboard it’s clearly heavy tackle chair fishing. Maybe you could mount a chair in place of the sunbathing pad and fish effectively enough by going forward, but backing up it won’t do well...
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