Boston Whaler 280 Outrage

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Redesigned from the keel up

Steve Larivee  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Boston Whaler has achieved another success with the 280 Outrage redesign. Boston Whaler’s goals were to embrace simplicity of operation, versatility, and comfort and we think that the company scored well on all counts. She's a pleasure to be on, a pleasure to handle, and thanks to her new redesigned hull she has an all-new level of handling that will define the brand...
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Five-star fishability and greater creature comforts than ever before

David Lockwood  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Swamped capacity of the 280 Outrage is 1588kg, while the beamier 285 Conquest is rated to 1723kg. Whaler says these boats will float after having live rounds pumped into them, when chopped in half, speared with a marlin bill, or run up a reef. But the foam insulation adds to the ride comfort more often, helping dampen noise as you go.

Meantime, the hull shapes of the 280 Outrage and 285 Conquest expand on a pre-existing Whaler theme. There’s a fine entry that soon flares to aggressive down-turned chines that, head on, almost resemble a cathedral hull. The effect is that the boats are stable at rest, with plenty of lift at trolling speeds, while also remaining dry at speed, even in pesky quartering seas...
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