Boston Whaler 270 Vantage

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Designed from the keel-up to be a multi-purpose boat that can tackle almost any mission with family or fishing buddies

Christopher Hughes  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Boston Whaler has looked at the dual console boats on the market, incorporated the good ideas, thrown in a few new ones of their own, then wrapped it all up with its secret sauce and the Boston Whaler build technique to produce a boat that fits into its line perfectly. We often say that all boats are a compromise, but we think that in this case the builder has given a lot of thought to how boaters can get close to their perfect boat with the 270 Vantage...
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Switches from fishing to family in a sleight of hand

David Lockwood  
Reviewed Oct 2016
With some carefully chosen options and the big power, this 270 Vantage weighs in as a prestige dual-purpose bluewater boat that doesn’t leave you wanting in the family or the fishing departments. You don’t get the ride of an Outrage running 22 degrees, and with a finer entry, but you get a very good ride with a huge passenger capacity and, most definitely, those comforts demanded in high end boats today...
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