Boston Whaler 230 Vantage

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Will be just at home in freshwater as she will be in saltwater

Christopher Hughes  
Reviewed Oct 2016
The 230 Vantage may be the only boat some families will ever need, and given the age of the Boston Whalers we see in our neighborhood along the Connecticut coast, the boat should last a very long time, indeed. The 230 Vantage isn't cheap, but given the useful longevity of the boat because of its utility and bullet-proof construction, it may be one of the best boating investments one can make...
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Whaler hits a home run with this stunning all-rounder that covers all bases

David Lockwood  
Reviewed Oct 2016
The new 230 Vantage, the Swiss Army Knife of Whalers, is a multi-faceted, multipurpose SUV that has been designed as a crowd pleaser without compromising its varied roles.

The key difference here compared with other multipurpose bowriders is that the 230 Vantage is based on that aforesaid signature Whaler bluewater hull. It's no Great Lakes bowrider with a bit of token fishing kit to cut both ways. Not, it's a serious fishboat with some family comforts to do the all-purpose thing better...
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