Boston Whaler 220 Outrage

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Top class finish throughout

David Lockwood  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Once up and running, all it needs is a light tap on the throttle to crank things up to serious speed, and the beauty here is that the hull can handle it. I found a comfortable and economical cruise speed was around 26-30kts (48-55km/h) in all directions to the swell and chop, and, if you were prepared to hang on, the hull could handle speeds far beyond that. In flat water at WOT (wide open throttle) we managed 40kts (74km/h) at 6000rpm.

The 220 Outrage’s ride is notably dry. The sponson and reverse-chine design definitely does a good job of deflecting spray down and back. The recessed electric trim tabs -- a standard feature -- also play a significant role. Any monohull can benefit from tabs, and if you know how to set them correctly, you can adjust the ride to suit the conditions. For a centre-console the 220 Outrage’s handling and performance is impressive, and this gives you the confidence to venture further offshore, without having to worry about the run home if conditions turn ugly...
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