Boston Whaler 170 Dauntless

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With a 6'10" beam she is a cinch to launch and will fit in virtually any garage

Steve Larivee  
Reviewed Oct 2016
One buys a Boston Whaler in order to get a solid boat that will be around for generations.It's a safe bet that most of us either had, or knew someone who had a small Boston Whaler when growing up, and guess what? Those boats are still around. The longevity of Boston Whalers is well-known, meaning this may very well be the last boat you ever buy. Not only will your kids appreciate it, but their kids, and their kids, and…All of which points to another aspect of Boston Whalers that should be pointed out. They cost more than many boats this size, but when and if you go to sell the boat they will also fetch much more than most other boats on the used boat market. I know a number of people who have sold 30-year-old Boston Whalers for more than they paid. This factor means that the actual cost of owning a 170 Dauntless may be less than it at first appears...
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Ultimate centre-console fisher

David Lockwood  
Reviewed Oct 2016
While the smallest Whaler in the all-purpose Dauntless range, the 170 really punches above its weight. It’s very much a skiff that you ride on, rather than in like, say, a high-sided monohull. But with such great handling, stability at rest, and with the high rails, you never feel unsafe. Nor will your kiddies, especially when travelling on those clever flip-up after quarter seats.

A better skiff is hard to imagine and boats like this just make the job of critique a total pleasure. Difficult to fault, the big little Whaler is exceptional and, as we said at the outset, this is a benchmark inshore boat...
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