Beneteau Sense 50

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Full of surprises and has a huge inventory of goodies

Mike Brown  
Reviewed Sep 2016
If you are talking about a small vessel and want the ability to sleep a few friends, that is pretty much how it has to be. But with larger vessels there are other possibilities, and Beneteau, with their Sense 50, have certainly explored them. Just three shallow steps take you down to a wide, spacious compartment lit by large windows in the hull as well as the coachroof - strongly reminiscent of a power craft or a sailing catamaran. The space aft of the saloon’s rear bulkhead is given up to storage and machinery instead of bunks; there is a theoretical crew cabin back there as well, but practically it is just more storage...
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Another design evolution by the world’s highest-volume yacht maker

Allan Whiting  
Reviewed Oct 2016
In strong breezes, both boats felt very dry and secure, but crew comfort was compromised somewhat by the sheer size of the cockpits. Flat seats and large walking areas are great for lounging, but don’t offer much resistance to slipping when the boat is heeled over. However, with a tuck in the main and self-tacker sheeted home, there’s not much need for crew on deck anyway! The helmsperson is better looked after, with seat and foot wedges and drop-down foot braces fitted to the coamings.

Most Senses yachts will be bought by the pure cruising fraternity, but the boats perform well enough to handle club racing. Jib sheeting angles are wide, but a barber hauler is easy enough to rig up and there’s ample winching power to cope with an asymmetric or spinnaker...
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Incorporates so many innovations, it might even re-energize the sailboat market

Suzana Prochazka  
Reviewed Sep 2016
There are few boats that truly earn the title of ‘show stopper,’ but this year in Annapolis the Beneteau Sense 50 did exactly that. At noon, 2pm and 6pm, Beneteau untied the docklines and spun the 50 footer in its own length under its own power, often against a 20 knot cross breeze. That caught the attention of the eager crowds lining the docks and got them to come aboard. This boat was designed from scratch with innovative ideas that, you guessed it, just make sense...
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