Beneteau Oceanis 41.1

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Beneteau Oceanis 41.1 Review

Jessica Watson
Reviewed Jan 2017
French yacht manufacturer, Beneteau, has added a decimal point to its popular Oceanis 41 giving us the 41.1. The Finot-Conq designed hull is largely unchanged, but this updated yacht has been lightened and features a number of improvements based on owner feedback.

The Oceanis 41.1 has Beneteau’s iconic chined lines, but the most noticeable feature of this boat has to be the generous cockpit, which Beneteau claims to be the largest for any boat of this size. Like other yachts in Beneteau’s Oceanis range, the 41.1 is primarily designed for coastal cruising.

Beneteau offers four different layout options; option one offers a large master cabin in the bow, a guest cabin at the stern and a large lazarette storage area. The second option is much like the first except that a fair amount of space in the forward cabin is taken up with an ensuite. The third option see’s the lazarette replaced with a third cabin and the fourth again has three cabins with the main cabin again gaining an ensuite.

The single bathroom, three-cabin layout on the test boat is likely to be the most popular and also reflects the way the Oceanis 41.1 is mostly likely to be used. There’s enough room for friends or a family to stay overnight and the large lazarette isn’t essential for the bay and twilight sailing that is likely to be its most common use.

But whichever layout is chosen, the open plan cabin of the Beneteau Oceanis 41.1 is a world away from the dark, snug cabins of older yachts. The abundance of natural light comes from the usual array of opening hatches, the cabin top windows, as well as the large hull windows that have been made even bigger on this updated version. These hull windows also provided a lovely view of Port Philip Bay, again not something you would get on an older yacht, on the test day.
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