Beneteau Oceanis 38

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Can be built to a buyer’s individual preferences

John Wenz  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Beneteau’s Oceanis 38 combines strong sailing performance and a roomy cockpit with three below decks accommodations choices, each intended for a different purpose ranging from daysailing to extended cruising...
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Should win plenty of followers, whether cruising or racing

Kevin Green  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Motoring out of the busy Palma harbour I pointed the Oceanis 38 into the easterly sea breeze then gave the helm to my host, Thomas, while I wound the halyard on the electric H46 to quickly hoist the mainsail. Going off the breeze I unlocked the Genoa outhaul and pulled the sail out easily then clicked the electric primary winch to trim before taking the helm again. All done in barely a couple of minutes and without breaking any sweat whatsoever. I was anticipating a rather dull performance in the lighter airs with the drag of the hull and twin rudders, but was pleasantly surprised to feel the Oceanis 38 pick up speed strongly to reach 6.1-knots boatspeed in the 15-knot breeze as I pointed upwind at 41-degrees...
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A unique and flexible design

Andrew Cross  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Being that I am slightly obsessed with sailboats, I usually get excited when something new and bold hits the market. It is a rarity, though, when I am overly enthusiastic to see the interior of a boat first—I guess I’d much rather be on deck actually doing the sailing then dwelling on the finer points of joinery and fabric selection...
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Time will tell if this multi-tasking boat can find long-term market appeal

Zuzana Prochazka  
Reviewed Sep 2016
At the last Annapolis boat show everyone was talking about Beneteau’s new multi-personality performance cruiser, the interior of which can be changed so much it defies the limits of what can be considered a production boat. This model doesn’t just evolve from previous concepts, it leaps off the drawing board and challenges you to imagine its perfect use.

Like most of Beneteau’s recent designs, the Oceanis 38 has aggressive angular lines with a nearly plumb bow and a slightly reverse transom. The low cabintop provides a nice profile while belying the amount of volume and headroom below...
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So much to choose from

Mark Pillsbury  
Reviewed Sep 2016
At first glance, the 38 fits squarely into the present Oceanis look and lineup of sailboats ranging from 31 to 58 feet: hard chines, considerable beam carried aft from amidships, fold-down transom, twin wheels, and a fiberglass arch over the companionway that serves as an anchor point for the mainsheet and makes a very handy frame from which to hang a dodger...
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