Belize 54 Sedan

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Comfort, Performance, and Style

Sandy Lindsey  
Reviewed Sep 2016
From the earliest moments of its design phase the Belize 54 Sedan was destined to go far beyond the expectations of the average motor yachts in its class. Why? Two words: Wesley Moxley. The CEO of Riviera has a passion for building great boats, which led him to Belize—the boat, not the place. The result of Moxley's highly experienced input is a new running surface that’s ideal for the seasoned boater as well as for owners new to cruising. For this group, they made the boat as straightforward as possible, despite the fact that the Raymarine helm would look equally comfortable on a commercial aircraft. The high-tech electronics of the helm are accented by the controls for the Zeus pod drives which manage twin Cummins powerplants.
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