Belize 52 Hardtop

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There is so much more to the Belize that can be told

Graham Lloyd  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Visibility for the helmsman in all directions is excellent, as is the view of all the information available in gauges and on twin displays. Straight ahead of the wheel are two Smartcraft digital tachos plus a traditional Ritchie compass whilst two conventional throttle/shift levers with fly-by-wire connectivity are close-by to the right. Then on either side under elegantly styled cowls with carbon-fibre-look panels and leather trimmed surrounds are large Raymarine 15 inch glass display screens. The starboard screen hosts a colour GPS plotter, and to port is a multi-function display of engine readouts plus two video feeds for the three onboard cameras. One video feed is fixed (in this case showing the cockpit) and the other feed cycles through the three cameras that are mounted in the engine room, the cockpit, and in the stainless steel stemhead looking down at the water immediately ahead – which is very convenient to monitor anchoring activity...
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Belize Motoryachts has thrown a wildcard into the established pack of luxury motor yachts

Anthony Twibill  
Reviewed Oct 2016
The hull of the Belize 52 was designed by Moxey in consultation with well-regarded Australian naval architect Peter Lowe, and is one of the best riding I have encountered. Displacing up to 25 tonnes typically laden (dry weight of 18.5 tonnes) the Belize has both the displacement and hull form to handle considerable sea conditions. The fine bow entry, and relatively narrow forward hull section with effective turn down of three degrees on the chines, rising to 12 degrees of deadrise at the stern, makes speedy progress a pleasure. Even upwind against the tide in choppy seas, there is very little pounding and a soft progressive ride through the swells...
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