Bayliner Element

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Extreme stability and buoyancy

Shane Mensforth  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Due to its substantial weight and hull design, the Element F18 needs plenty of horsepower to get it up and performing as intended. The test boat had been fitted with one of Mercury’s great new Pro XS EFI models, which are among the most advanced engines the company has ever produced. It weighs just 165kg, which is considerably lighter than most of the four stroke opposition, and is designed primarily for this style of boat.

The Pro XS 115 is an eight-valve, single overhead cam in-line four cylinder engine that revs out to 6300rpm and comes in both short (20”) and long shaft (25”) versions. It’s extremely quiet, virtually fume free and, if Mercury’s quoted test figures are correct, extremely economical. Driven sensibly, you could expect a generous operating range from the 114-litre fuel tank installed in the Bayliner Element...
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Low maintenance, no-fuss, fun and comfortable day-boating rig

David Lockwood  
Reviewed Sep 2016
After three-days of skipping about, we used less than a half of the useable 45 litres of fuel in the concealed sub-seat portside tank. We didn’t get around to washing the boat, but its big internal moulded liner means this will be a breeze. And with just one multifunction engine gauge on the dash it’s all very simple. Hose out, flush the engine, tug on a cover and you’re done...
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