Bavaria Vision 42

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The new cruising sloop from Bavaria of Germany gets a short but full-blown test

Andrew Cross  
Reviewed Sep 2016
I met up with Fletcher Ryan who runs the Mystic, Connecticut base for Bavaria USA and we soon were aboard the V42 and getting her ready to sail. I had sailed the new Vision 46 about a year ago when the first boat was delivered to the U.S. so the new styling for Bavaria was not a surprise. Unlike the Cruiser Line from Bavaria, the Vision 46 and 42 have raised salon cabin tops with sleek cat-eye windows that evoke the design styling of an Audi TT sports car...
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A shorter, stockier version of the Vision 46

Michael Good  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Looks can be deceiving. With bespoke design, recognizable lines and the same details in familiar spots, the new Vision 42 by Bavaria Yachtbau appears to a copy of the Vision 46, except that it’s shrunk down a bit. The proper word for this would be '”downsizing," a reduction in size without too many alterations.

But model updates aren’t quite so simple in yacht construction, especially when going from larger to smaller sizes...
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Handsome and comfortable

Adam Cort  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Not only is Bavaria Yachtbau one of the world’s largest boatbuilders, it has got to be one of the hardest working. When it came time to begin work on what would become its new Vision line, the company didn’t just sit around and brainstorm what it thought its customers would like. Instead it went out and spoke to the customers themselves—hundreds of them—to find out what they thought worked (and didn’t work) on a cruising boat.

The initial result of all this effort was the handsome, comfortable Bavaria Vision 46. Now that same “vision,” so to speak, is available in a 42-foot version, also from the Farr design office...
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