Bavaria Cruiser 46

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Farr-designed hull that sails very well

George Day  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Once aboard and with sails rolled out and drawing, we gave the 46 a good test of her sailing qualities and were not disappointed. BWS has sailed and reviewed all of the new Bavarias that have been introduced to the North American market in the last five years. Without exception, we have found the boats to be fast, close winded and fun to sail...
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A blend of fresh thinking and solid engineering

John Kretschmer  
Reviewed Sep 2016
The new Cruiser 46 from German boatbuilder Bavaria Yachts is poised to shake up the big-boat cruising market on this side of the Atlantic. A sleek Farr design packed with fresh thinking and sound engineering, the Cruiser 46 is a terrific value. It is hard to fathom that a boat of this size and quality, and fully outfitted no less, can be delivered to your dealer’s dock for less than $350,000.

The 46 is an updated version of Bavaria’s successful Cruiser 45. The hull is nearly identical but the deck and interior layouts have been tweaked for...
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A good boat made even better

Charles Doane  
Reviewed Sep 2016
I enjoyed a fabulous test sail aboard Bavaria’s old Cruiser 45 five years ago off Grenada, and came away impressed both with the boat’s performance and its accommodations. I was intrigued, therefore, when I learned that Bavaria had updated and recreated the 45 as the new Cruiser 46 and looked forward to comparing it with its predecessor after it debuted in late 2014.

The vital bits of the new 46 are nearly identical to the old 45. The hull and underwater appendages are the same, but the deck and interior have been modified. Structurally, the 46 also follows the 45...
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