Bavaria Cruiser 41

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Shows just how far the company has come

Andrew Cross  
Reviewed Sep 2016
As Bavaria’s Daniel Kohl and I walked down the dock toward the new Bavaria Cruiser 41 that we were going to take out for a test sail, it became increasingly apparent that our afternoon of sailing was going to be either very short or very long.

The surface of Spa Creek in Annapolis, MD, was glassy. Not a ripple. At the tops of the masts in the marinas, the wind cups were spinning slowly so there was a little hope...
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Covers all of the bases

Herb McCormick  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Bavaria now builds two lines of sailboats. The Vision series is highly stylized, specifically targets couples and has the amenities and comforts of a second home. The Cruiser line, alternatively, is a collection of wholesome family cruising boats with more traditional layouts and accommodations. This new 41-footer perfectly fits that design brief.

Let’s start in the beamy cockpit and work forward. Contemporary production cruisers, like this Bavaria, have a series of...
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