Bavaria Cruiser 37

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Should outpace its successful predecessor

Suzana Prochazka  
Reviewed Sep 2016
A boat model that rolls off an assembly line in significant numbers is sometimes called an AWB – “average white boat” -- by sailing snobs. It’s synonymous with affordable but soul-less, mass-produced boats. But can a boat that will be built considerably less than 1,000 times really be called that?

Also, the term “affordable” might be correct relative to the boat’s size, but a new 37-foot cruising boat still costs way more than a fully appointed Porsche 911 convertible. The meaning of such terms depends on the point of view...
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A capable cruiser with a hull design by Farr

Peter Nielsen  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Bavaria’s Cruiser 36 received mixed reviews when it was launched a few years back—not because of its sailing abilities, but because of its love-it-or-hate-it styling. Those pillbox-themed portlights and the concave curve to the cabintop sides were not stylists BMW Group Designworks’s most inspired treatments, although that didn’t prevent more than 350 examples from being built. The sweet sailing characteristics of the Farr-designed hull live on in the 36’s successor, the Cruiser 37, which enters this hotly contested market segment with a revamped deck and cockpit layout and a brand new interior. It also happens to be a rather good-looking boat...
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Sure to become one of the company's best sellers

Geoff Middleton  
Reviewed Sep 2016
The 37 Cruiser completes Bavaria's new range of cruising yachts which has been in a replacement phase for the past year or so. The range starts with the lovely little 30-footer which is sure to find some good homes on the eastern seaboard. That is followed by the 33 which is equally cute but slightly more roomy. Then comes this new 37, followed by the 39, the 42 then the 46 and finally the flagship 50 which we featured in these pages around six months ago...
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