Bar Crusher 730HT

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Unquestioned performance and high build quality

Shane Mensforth  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Confirming what I had suspected, the Bar Crusher 730HT sat at a healthy angle once it had been launched at Adelaide’s North Haven Marina. There was certainly no ‘bum-down’ attitude, as had been the case with the 780HT I had tested a couple of years ago with dual 150 four strokes on the transom. This was definitely a case where the weight advantage of direct injected two strokes provided a real bonus.

Once outside the restricted speed zone, I dropped the hammers and blasted out onto St. Vincent’s Gulf. The acceleration provided by the twin Evinrudes was really something else; I guess when you have that sort of torque working in your favour, the outcome is essentially a foregone conclusion. It was pretty flat as we powered toward the west, and we topped out at an impressive 40 knots or 74km/h (GPS measured) at 5900rpm...
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