Bar Crusher 730C

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Big, spacious and extremely stable boat that offers plenty to the serious sport fisher

Shane Mensforth  
Reviewed Oct 2016
The Bar Crusher 730C and 730HT, although constructed on the same hull, are quite different rigs that will appeal to different users. I’m a lover of the Hard Top models as this configuration provides the ultimate in protection at the helm and also results in more cabin accommodation. The Cuddy, on the other hand, offers restricted space up forward and an enormous cockpit for fishing, diving or other activities that require extra room out back. It’s definitely a ‘horses for courses’ situation.

The 730C is quite typical of Bar Crusher’s Cuddy models, with collapsible top and canvas extension awning, narrow dash, mid-length V-berths and a large forward cabin hatch. It’s an efficient set up, and one that enables easy boat storage in a garage of average height. The Hard Tops, on the other hand, require some 3.4m of storage height, which simply isn’t available in most suburban home situations...
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