Bar Crusher 670HT

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Another superbly built boat from this outstanding Australian boat builder

Dom Wiseman  
Reviewed Oct 2016
For the Bar Crusher 670HT, they’ve used heavy duty, pre-stressed 5mm bottom and 4mm topsides. The material is all marine grade aluminium and delivers a supremely tough and strong deep vee hull. Bar Crusher calls it its Waveslicer design and after sampling how well slices through the chop you can see why. It also handles a following sea with aplomb. They claim to have the smoothest riding hull on the market and if I was to compare it to other plate aluminium production boats, it’d have to rate in the top two.

Bar Crusher also uses the trademarked Quickflow ballast system that allows a cavity in the deep vee hull to fill with water at rest, sinking it deeper into the water and making it more stable at rest. You can opt to be able to close the cavity at one end of the cavity trapping the water in it while under way add weight and make an already great hull, even better in choppy conditions. Once you open the cavity the water drains out in seconds...
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