Azimut 86S

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The ride of the 86S is more sporty than luxurious

Steve Lague  
Reviewed Oct 2016
BoatAdvice was invited to take this high-performance machine for a run on Sydney Harbour before the boat show. As we left d’Albora Marina in Rushcutters Bay, where the boat was penned, at idle speed the big props, set at a neutral trim angle for manoeuvring, pushed us along sedately as we made our way through the no-wake zone.

Once we got into more open water a slight push on the throttles awakened the giant MTU diesels and the 86S was gliding along at 15knots creating a frothy wake behind it. As the accelerator was pushed further forward increasing our speed to just over 25knots the wake also rosen steadily until we had a massive 1om high rooster tail, a signature of the Arneson Drive system, trailing behind making a spectacular sight as we made our way down the harbour...
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