Azimut 72

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A spacious sports yacht where speed meets comfort in a style setting Italian design

Maria Roberta Morso  
Reviewed Sep 2016
From outside, the 72 boasts an aggressive, dynamic line characterised by huge side windows, a raked windscreen and a large flybridge stretching way aft, out over the cockpit. Totally new from the hull upwards, the Azimut 72 is built in order to reduce the weight by approximately 30 percent if compared to a yacht with similar length and volumes. To reach this goal, the hull, which is designed by Studio P.L.A.N.A. and Azimut Yachts, is built in composite while the superstructure is entirely laminated in carbon fibre. The project has been developed to purposely allow the two parts to be assembled at a later stage...
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An overtly glamorous flybridge cruiser

Dave Marsh  
Reviewed Sep 2016
At first glance, the new Azimut 72 follows the blueprint of many other modern Euro-designed flybridge cruisers.

It has lots of glass, a big high-low bathing platform, and the ubiquitous hardtop that tries (but thankfully fails) to upset the looks that designer Stefano Righini has spent so much time honing.

Look more closely though, and the boat does seem particularly generous in places...
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A totally new boat in terms of design and the technology adopted for the construction process and materials

Angelo Colombo  
Reviewed Oct 2016
Starting from this model, all new Azimut yachts will be realised with these technologies that offer about 30% less weight than the normal process, allowing the designer to push the style toward more interior volume and surfaces. The infusion method adopted for the hull to realise a perfectly manufactured, lighter and stronger boat is combined with the superstructure and flybridge realised in carbon fibre. This is an important step forward to create a high-quality boat...
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