Arvor 675 Sportsfish

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Has a fishing focus but more than enough amenities to be a capable day cruiser

Dom Wiseman  
Reviewed Oct 2016
The Arvor 675 Sportsfish turns well and holds through turns in a predictable manner. Despite my best attempts I couldn’t get the hull to blow out in a hard corner. The turning angle is comfortable as the hull beds into the corner. Underway it handles extremely well and was more than capable offshore of Sydney heads. While conditions were not exactly tough with a light Northerly and 1.0m swell the boat rose over the swell and confidently tackles any oncoming chop.

At rest, essential for dropping baits, stability is excellent and with several on board there’s still plenty of room for everyone to drop a line. Manoeuvrability was also easy with berthing back at the marina after our test a breeze...
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