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Amel 55 review

Sam Fortescue
Sailing Today Magazine  
Reviewed Sep 2016
Of course, being a ketch-rigged boat, the other thing that tells me this is the lack of responsiveness in her relatively small wheel. Too much canvas aft keeps driving the boat up into the wind. Luckily, reefing is fabulously easy. In-mast furling for both main and mizzen makes it a question of sheeting out a little, then holding down two buttons – furl and outhaul – situated on the dashboard behind the wheel...
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A craft specifically designed and built with that global cruising odyssey at its heart

Kevin Green  
Reviewed Sep 2016
The 2013 launched Amel 55 is an evolution of the previous 54 but uses an entirely new mould for the Berret Racoupeau design, which was the company’s strategy to give a more modern appeal to their traditionally conservative in-house designs. With more hatches for increased light and ventilation, the Amel 55 is intended to be better suited for the tropics, which is ideal for voyages around the Asia-Pacific...
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